Registration Info

2016/2017 Hockey Season Registration Information

New to Hockey? Email for information. Important!
All skaters must register on-line with USA Hockey BEFORE registering with Grantsburg Hockey. Go to to complete the process.
Click HERE if you would like step-by-step instructions.

Time & Place Registration will be held at the MIDDLE SCHOOL COMMONS
► At the September Annual Meeting and registration for returning skaters.
Any new families interested in hockey are also welcome to attend and register
Contact Info  E-mail:
2016/2017 Fees Team Age Requirements Association Season Fee*
U8  Born in 2009
thru 2013*
$125…..or FREE if you did not skate in the 15/16 season
   *younger ages approved on a case-by-case basis
Squirt $300…..or FREE if you did not skate in the 15/16 season
Peewee $300…..or FREE if you did not skate in the 15/16 season
Bantam $300…..or FREE if you did not skate in the 15/16 season
Learn to Skate:   – One to two month program, starting end of November. Cost is free
Associate Member fee:  $50 plus 10 volunteer hours at Watercross (or pay $10/hour)
Families must also register their skaters with USA Hockey on-line.Note: There is a $40 fee to register with USA Hockey (exception, birth year 2010 and younger are free). A credit/debit card is required to do so. Proof of USA Hockey registration must be provided to GHA prior to any skating.“Free Hockey” for “new skaters”: A “new skater” is anyone not registered with
GHA in the 2015/2016 season.  “Free Hockey” means that no Association Season Fee will be charged. Skaters must still be registered with USA Hockey and pay the fee they require. Guaranteed equipment does not include skates or sticks.
All volunteer hours and fundraising requirements still apply for “new skaters.” 
Family maximum cost of $600. All registration fees must be paid in full prior to December 1st.  If payment is not complete by December 1st, a payment plan must be signed which schedules payments no later than March 31st, and will include a $5 per month invoice fee. Note: Registration with GHA includes skate-sharpening for the member during the entire season.
Discounts/ Offers/
FREE HOCKEY FOR NEW SKATERS: Any new skater that was not registered for the 2015/2016 season does not pay the Grantsburg Hockey registration fee. Registration and payment with USA Hockey is still required.
Equipment Loan Program:  If a skater is unable to provide their own equipment, GHA will loan them the necessary equipment from our existing inventory of equipment, or additional resources as available. This will not include sticks or skates. If anyone is concerned they cannot participate in hockey because of equipment, please be sure to let us know because GHA wants every kid who wants to skate to have the opportunity!
Association Requirements Work Hours
25 Work hours (or pay $10/hour). U8 Program is 15 work hours. Learn to Skate is 5 work hours  = Rink Cleaning, concessions, working penalty box, open skate, etc.
Up to 50% of hours can be fulfilled as a head coach.
Fundraising Hours
35 total fundraising hours (or pay $10/hour).    U8 Program is 20 fundraising hours
* 15 Winter fundraising hours – August 1 – March 31
= Working Ice Bowling, Jr. Gold Tournaments, etc.
(or 10 Winter fundraising hours for U8 Program)
* 20 Watercross fundraising hours
= Pre-weekend, weekend shifts, or clean-up
(or 10 Watercross fundraising hours for U8 Program)
Fundraising Sales
* Sell or purchase the required number of items for the annual fundraising projects.
The GHA Board will set the number of fundraisers and minimum volume of sales required for participation by November 1st. Typically, two fundraisers and a raffle are conducted during the season. Members will also have a
“cash donation” option if they do not participate or meet the minimum sales requirement of the fundraiser.