Community Sports Complex

Motto: Empowering Youth

Mission Statement: To provide the youth of our community the ability to learn, grow, and develop their athletic skills in a fun and safe environment.

The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few…

Our goal is to raise $250,000 to put in a concrete slab, new boards (which can be removed during the spring, summer, and fall months), and update the facility into a brand new “Community Sports Complex”.

Right now, we have a phenomenal group of association members, board members, and a fantastic Fundraising Coordinator and Ice Coordinator that help bring our goal and mission to light, and ultimately a reality.

How far the association has come over the years has never been because of one person, but the group effort and dynamic of many. Grantsburg needs a year-round facility that enables and empowers youth to see, and reach, their full potential in any youth sport. Once the new Complex is complete, we will be able to host a variety of new youth events, practices, and activities from baseball, to softball, basketball, golf, volleyball, all inside a remarkable facility.

We are actively seeking sponsors for this new venture. Anyone interested can contact our Fundraising Coordinator, Alix Anderson at:

We would love to see our community rally around this revolutionary idea and embrace the future of our new Community Sports Complex!

Thank you for your continued support!